MIWI’s technology driven solutions provide the manufacturing industry with clean fluids, clean air, clean parts and a clean facility.


MIWI, a Minority Business Enterprise, serves it’s customers with great pride, integrity and dedication. From the CEO, assembly workers, craftsmen, designers, laboratory technicians and inspectors; each and every member of the work force believes in our vision:

We take pride in the quality work we do for our customers - so much so that we will sign our names to it for everyone to see.

MIWI is an industry leader in a full-spectrum

of engineered cleaning solutions to the entire manufacturing process. A small sample of our vast array of our products and services:

Industrial Parts Washers

  • Hurricane Cleaning System®
  • Cyclone Cleaning System®
  • Belt Washers
  • Fixtured Indexing
  • Dunnage Washers

Precision Cleaning

  • Dunnage Washing
  • High-Pressure De-Burring
  • De-Rusting
  • Vapor De-Greasing
  • Parts Cleaning

Clean Technology Laboratory

  • ISO 16232
  • Gravimetric Testing
  • Class 100,000 Clean Room
  • Microscopic Particle Counting & Sizing
  • Titration Testing

Service & Parts

  • Washer Performance Assessments
  • Troubleshoot Underperforming Wash Process
  • Analyze Process against Requirement
  • 24 Hour Service Line
  • Full Line of Washer Spare Parts

Industrial Cleaning Systems

Clean Technology Laboratory

Service and Parts

Precision Cleaning